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Glencree  is an Irish Peace and Reconciliation Centre dedicated to transforming violent conflict and building peace.

Our vision is of a shared world where diversity is cherished; where all can live free from violence and where conflicts are resolved peacefully.

Our mission is to deepen reconciliation within and between communities on the island of Ireland and Internationally. We achieve this mission through inclusive dialogue and shared learning

President Michael D. Higgins delivered key note address at Glencree Centre
‘You talk and talk and then the talk begins’

1916 and the Ethics of Memory – Notes from the Afternoon Dialogue Groups

Following the morning sessions on 27th June which got everyone thinking about the potential and pitfalls of remembering 1916 and the other events of the decade, we wanted to give the participants an opportunity to engage on some of these themes. We offered four topics and invited people to participate in small dialogue groups, each with a Glencree facilitator to hold the space and allow everyone a chance to speak. This was a key part of the day as Glencree is primarily a place for dialogue and difficult conversations and we feel that we can offer a process to have real conversations on an all-island basis that cannot easily happen elsewhere.

The four workshop themes were as follows:

  1. Women and 1916
  2. Forgotten Voices’.
  3. Political Violence and the Irish revolution: Was there an alternative way?’
  4. God on our side: The Role of Religion’ 

Our thanks to all the facilitators, rapporteurs and especially participants for their  passion and engagement which made the day a great success. The  feedback notes from each of the four sessions are available here to give a flavour of the dialogue themes and key points.

Click on the workshop titles to see feedback notes from each of the four the four sessions.

Other documents:
- "An article on 1916 and The Ethics of Memory" by Andy Pollock

Young Peacebuilder 2015
The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation is commited to building positive relations on the island of Ireland, and supporting more peaceful and resilient communities. In the summer/autumn of 2015, Glencree will be running a project aimed at establishing a core group of young “Peacebuilders” from across the island of Ireland (north & south). This project aims to identify and encourage participants from diverse backgrounds to engage with the issues of Identity, the Legacy of Conflict in Ireland (north & south), Leadership, and Peacebuilding and Reconciliation.

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Launch of the publication "Deepening Reconciliation"
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Deepening Reconciliation
Glencree 40 years on
Press Release - April 30th 2015
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Glencree Newsletter Spring 2015
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Media Coverage
Event Title: 1916 and the Ethics of Memory
As the centenary of 1916 approaches, The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation hosted an all island event, 1916 and the Ethics of Memory, on Saturday June 27th 2015. The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins delivered the opening address.
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Child Protection Policy 2014
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