Glencree has been conducting peacebuilding work internationally since 2004, primarily in response to requests from conflict areas.  Glencree has limited resources, and cannot respond positively to all the requests it receives for input and advice from other conflict areas around the world.  For that reason, the International Programme focuses on three areas: Haiti, Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine.  These are countries/regions where we have already established contacts, have developed important relationships with local actors, have gained an understanding of the local context, and have already completed pieces of work.

A 17-member International Advisory Committee guides this work, and has significantly strengthened the strategic planning that underpins the direction of Glencree’s International Programme.

In partnership with Concern Worldwide, with other local actors, KDSM and Jilap, Glencree is contributing to reducing levels of violence in a particular slum area of Port au Prince called St Martin. The 70,000 residents suffer extreme deprivation and Concern has been working to alleviate this poverty. This initiative reflects the linkage between poverty and violent conflict and is providing capacity building opportunities for community activists from St Martin as well as wider Haitian Society to empower them to manage conflict without violence.  The goals of poverty alleviation and peacebuilding are combined in a creative and innovative way in training sessions both in Haiti, and with groups brought to Ireland.  A local physical safe space for the gangs and other stakeholders in St. Martin is one of the practical outcomes of the project. Click here for more.

Glencree has worked with local educators to develop and implement a new course on Peace Education that is an obligatory part of third level education.  In partnership with the Universities, we have develop Peace Education Resources based on Glencree’s experience and materials, but that are tailored to the local context.  We have also conducted training on how to use these resources with educators from third level institutions.  In addition, we are also continuing to work with the Afghan Women Skills and Development Centre (AWSDC) a local NGO that offers refuge to women under threat of violence.  Click here for more information.

With the very active support of the Irish Government, Glencree have initiated a dialogue programme with senior Israeli and Palestinian politicians and officials. The dialogue is ongoing and the Irish peace process is serving as a useful example to participants although it is well recognised that our conflicts have very different dynamics. Click here for Glencree-sponsored report.

On 20 January 2010 twelve members of The Parents’ Circle Family Forum, six Israelis and six Palestinians, travelled from the Middle East to participate in Residential Workshops at Glencree and Belfast.  Click here for the full story.

Additionally, we have engaged in some work in Sri Lanka, Colombia and Liberia.

Responding to a request of the DFA, Glencree sent a team to Liberia to conduct workshops with the commissioners on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission during the first phases of the TRC’s operations.  We used interactive methodology to help the commissioners to agree on a definition of reconciliation that would underpin the efforts of the TRC.  We aim to build on this work and help empower civil society as part of a holistic reconciliation process.

Sri Lanka
In partnership with the International Working Group on Sri Lanka, the Tamil Information Centre and St. Ethelburga’s Reconciliation Centre, Glencree has been delivering training programmes to build the capacity of civil society in the North and North-East of the island since 2003..

In partnership with Trocaire, Glencree trained more than 50 civil society leaders in conflict resolution and peace building skills.

International Programme Director: Ian White,