Our Vision

Glencree believes in a shared world; where human rights are protected; where diversity and different identities are cherished; where all can live free from the fear of violence, abuse and with dignity and respect; and where differences and conflicts are transformed peacefully.

Our Mission

Glencree’s mission is to help deepen reconciliation within and between communities on the island of Ireland and in selected contexts internationally. Glencree achieves its mission by helping the transformation and building of relationships through facilitated inclusive dialogue and capacity building of stakeholders.

Our Core Values

In pursuing our mission and strategic priorities, Glencree will at all times promote adherence to the following core values amongst its team and stakeholders:


Sustainable solutions can only be built by safely including all stakeholders to a conflict, whatever their views and whatever their past behaviour. Participants’ engagement with Glencree’s programmes is always voluntary, willingly made, and without pressure. Extra efforts often need to be made to include, when appropriate, those who are hard to reach or who are on the margins of a conflict. Glencree commits in all its work to achieve a good gender balance amongst programme participants.


Violence is counter-productive to the transformation of conflict, and non-violent alternatives can be developed which are both humane and sustainable.


Every human being, without exception, deserves to be treated with equal respect, and to have their dignity upheld and their human rights respected throughout and after a conflict transformation process.

Independence and Impartiality

Glencree does not take sides in a conflict or promote specific solutions but rather acts as an independent and impartial facilitator who, without judgement, helps to build and transform relationships and aid communities within violent conflict to find their own sustainable solutions.