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Glencree L.I.V.E. Programme

This programme concluded in March 2008

Thirty years of civil unrest in Northern Ireland have left scars, not only in Northern Ireland but in the Republic of Ireland and Britain. Although they come from different communities or different countries victims of the unrest have a lot in common. They share the same pain, the same anger and the same sense that part of their life has been taken away from them. They may choose to suffer alone or, with the help of their community, use their experience as a powerful means to build bridges. This programme may be for them...

The Programme

Since 1999 the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation has conducted a programme for victims of the violence in both parts of Ireland and in Britain. Under the name L.I.V.E. (Let's Involve the Victims' Experience) a series of workshops and conferences is in train, in which victims/survivors of the violence share their experiences and develop peace building activities, skills and new relationships.

Victims have been a forgotten group for a long time. This has added to their suffering. The L.I.V.E.programme was instigated in response to the expressed need for the victims/survivors to be heard. L.I.V.E. is unique in the sense that it brings together victims/survivors from the two communities in Northern Ireland, from the Republic and from Britain. Groups of 30 people meet separately and with each of the other groups. Groups in Northern Ireland are a balanced mixture of the two communities. The meetings take place at the Glencree Centre and at locations in Northern Ireland and Britain. The activities in Britain are organised with support from the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Trust in Warrington, Cheshire.


This programme is funded by the European Union through the Cross-border consortium under the EU Peace II Programme and part-financed by the UK and Irish Governments.


Further information and application forms for participation in the programme may be obtained from:

For Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation
Co. Wicklow

Telephone +353 (0)1 282 9711
Fax +353 (0)1 276 6085

For Britain

The Legacy Project
Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Trust
Peace Centre
Great Sankey
Tel: +44 1925 581231


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