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Patron president

Message From President McAleese

I am pleased and honoured to be Patron of the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

There is an old Irish saying – tus maith is leath na hoibre – a good start is half the work and the cruelly difficult work of peace and reconciliation has been given a good start at Glencree with its unique vocation.. The Glencree Centre has always been about creating the feeling of peace, of introducing calm to turbulent hearts and souls, used to the daily drama of sectarian or political violence.

In Glencree, peace is as much lived as talked, reminding those who have forgotten, or never known it, that there is, in a peaceful tolerant society, a rich prize for every single citizen. A prize worth working and taking risks for.

Conflicts tend to produce triumphant winners, broken losers. Neither lives happily ever after for there is always the long grass where vengeance festers in the loser’s hearts and uncertainty colonises the peace of mind of winners. In Glencree a new construct is offered to both. Here is a place to the treated with respect whatever the side. Here is a place to be listened to and to listen.

We salute the men and women whose personal search for a way through the turmoil of the conflict led them through the doors of Glencree, often after much soul searching.

Through them the skill and confidence of Glencree has grown and it has quietly extended its caring hand across our troubled Globe.

In spite of setbacks, our Peace Process allows us to believe that we have a growing good news story to tell, to ourselves and to the world. Progress is being made slowly. In Glencree men and women who believe in the capacity of the human person to change and to turn hatred to love, hurt to healing, death to life have taken risks and worked together.

Comhghairdeas libh as ucht an obair iontach atá idir lámh agaibh ar feadh triocha bliain anuas,

I hope that all visitors to this website will join Glencree in working to build peace.


Mary McAleese - Signature

Mary McAleese
President of Ireland

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