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Glencree Programmes

Our work impacts on the lives of people in communities.  Our aim is to empower participants to understand and be curious about different perspectives, articulate their own opinions clearly, move beyond violence and have the confidence and capacity to respond to conflict effectively.

“Nothing short of life-changing… the people I’ve met, personal ‘stories’ and experiences, opinions, insights…. From people I would never have either come into contact with or have wanted to meet!”

Glencree’s programmes have developed in response to perceived needs, from talking with participants, project evaluations, experience and research.  Click here for more on perceived needs.

Glencree’s current and future work is conceived as four overlapping spheres of activity:

  • Dialogue
  • Learning
  • Networks
  • International Activity

For more information click here.

Current Work

Young peacebulders 2015
At Glencree, we would like to invite young people to be actively involved in the future of the organisation and its work. Between June and October 2015 we will be running a project aimed at establishing a core group of young “Peacebuilders” from across the island of Ireland. The project aims to identify and encourage participants from diverse backgrounds to engage with the issues of Identity, the Legacy of Conflict in Ireland (north & south), Leadership, and Peacebuilding and Reconciliation.

Women’s Programme
The Glencree Women’s Programme seeks to enhance understanding among women of the complex relationships in Ireland, North and South, and to facilitate the future development of equality, pluralism and multi-culturalism.  The Programme looks to redress the imbalance of opportunities for women and enables women to play a positive role in the life of their communities. 

International Programme
The International Programme aims to extend the lessons learned from the Northern Ireland peace process to groups in other conflict situations to help them form their own peace processes.  So far, groups have visited Glencree from places such as Haiti, Sri Lanka, Israel/Palestine and Columbia to participate in workshops and training.

Journeys Out
This project is a partnership between INCORE at the University of Ulster, Intercomm, the Peace and Reconciliation Group and the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.  The overall aim of the proposed Journeys Out project is to advance a ‘bottom-up’ approach to dealing with the past in NI and the Border Region.


Completed Projects

Peace Education  
The Peace Education programme offered learning opportunities about peacebuilding and reconciliation to primary, secondary schools and youth groups. Through a series of one or two-day programmes, young people visiting Glencree explored their understanding of themselves, others, and their relationship to communities at local, national and global levels. The programme was funded by the International Fund for Ireland.

This programme built relationships in an inclusive forum where current and former military and paramilitary participants met, exchanged views, built relationships and addressed issues important to them.  The Programme included loyalist and republican ex-prisoners as well as participants from military and police backgrounds. The programme was funded by the European Union.

Let’s Involve the Victims’ Experience (LIVE)
LIVE brought together survivors from the two communities in Northern Ireland, and from the Republic of Ireland and Britain to engage in dialogue to help build relationships between individuals and their communities. The programme also created space for dialogue between survivors and those who have been actively engaged in the violence of the conflict. 

The Churches Programme was an inclusive cross-border initiative that examines the role of the churches in the conflict.  Individuals had the opportunity to explore ways the churches can combat sectarianism and facilitate peace.  This programme was funded by the European Union.

Youth Exchange - Palestine, Israel, Ireland, Northern Ireland
We are co-organising a youth exchange with 20-25 year olds from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Palestine and Isreal to promote active citizenship.  The project is funded by the European Union, Euromed III, and the partners are Leaders Organisation, the Van Leer Institute, Public Achievement and the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

Youth Connections for Peace 

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