At Glencree, we would like to invite young people to be actively involved in the future of the organisation and its work. Starting in May 2016, we will be running a project aimed at establishing a core group of young “Peacebuilders” from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The project aims to identify and encourage participants from diverse backgrounds to engage with the core issues of Identity, the Legacy of Conflict in Ireland (north & south), Leadership, and Peacebuilding and Reconciliation. In 2016 we will also be linking these themes with Creativity & the Arts.

What will the project consist of?

Young Peacebuilders 2016 will:

  • Create a safe space where young people from different backgrounds can connect through learning and dialogue in a group context.
  • Encourage participants to identify and develop their skills in peacebuilding and leadership.
  • Equip participants to have the confidence to apply these skills in their own home communities and across different communities in the ROI/NI.
  • Lead to a participant lead project/action on peacebuilding.
  • Include 3 residentials (Sept 23rd-25th, Nov 25th-27th, February 2017) focusing on teambuilding, dialogue, and project planning, plus one intensive leadership training weekend (Oct 22nd-23rd) focusing on leadership skills (mediation, conflict resolution, and facilitation). These will take place at different locations in both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

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Take a look at video created during the course of last years Young Peacebuilders programme.