The Young Peacebuilders process is about more than a programme approach. Beyond the project work we will support the development of a core group that will have an ongoing link with Glencree and be involved in the future work of the organisation. There are a number of learning areas that are key to building this capacity.

Identity: Need to talk about our own sense of identity in all its dimensions and engage with other different identities. Reflecting on our own narrative and being open to other narratives. Acknowledging that we need to move from finding common ground to an appreciation of difference and ability to work with it.

Legacy of Conflict/ Reconciliation: Developing an understanding of the conflict on this island and the impact it had on individuals and communities. Could it have been avoided or was violence inevitable and how did the conflict impact on communities north and south. Understanding the meaning and challenge of reconciliation and how we can play a role in making bit a reality

Leadership: Skills to be influential and inspire others to engage in social issues within and beyond our own communities. Ways in which leaders play a role in reconciliation and getting their peers involved in this work

Peacebuilding: Supporting participants to engage with the work of Glencree through further training and interaction with other programmes and in creating ongoing momentum to continue working together.

The Young Peacebuilders process will evolve and we are keen to involve young people in the design of the process so that they can help us shape it.

Young Peacebuilders 2017

Glencree are delighted to announce that the application process for the Glencree Young Peacebuilders 2017 programme is now open. We’ll be starting earlier in the year this time round.

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Young Peacebuilders 2016

In Summer 2016, Glencree launched Young Peacebuilders 2016, with a number of information sessions and residentials held in Lurgan, Derry, Monaghan, Belfast, Dublin and Glencree.

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Young Peacebuilders 2015

In May 2015, Glencree announced the start of the Young Peacebuilders 2015 programme, a cross-border initiative aiming to “establish a group of young (18-24) Peacebuilders across the island of Ireland, north & south”. Over 50 applications were received in May 2015 and a core group of 18 were finally chosen after workshops in Dublin, Dundalk, Belfast and Dungannon.

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