“The contribution that Glencree has made to reconciliation and the building of positive relationships, across the island of Ireland and beyond, is immense and well recognised”


Based in the Wicklow Mountains in a beautiful, remote and peaceful location only 22 km from Dublin City Centre, Glencree continues to use its centre to facilitate ‘under the radar’ dialogue between groups involved in and affected by violent conflict.  This is often slow and messy work but with skilful facilitation former enemies, opposing political factions, people who have suffered tremendous trauma  or simply people who do not trust or may even feel ‘hatred’ towards the other are able to come together to talk and listen to each other.  This process of dialogue and shared learning results in the building and re-humanising of relationships, deepening understanding and exploring possibilities for building peace and a future that is better for all.

This work is made possible by the core values of inclusivity and impartiality that underpin Glencree’s work.  Glencree seeks to include all without judgement and does not take sides or promote solutions but rather acts as an impartial facilitator to aid others to find their own solutions to violent conflict and building a lasting peace.

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