Glencree made several trips to Afghanistan and developed some key relationships and peacebuilding work.  We worked with the Afghan Women Skills and Development Centre (AWSDC), a local NGO that offers refuge to women under threat of violence. One of AWSDC’s employees served as a long-term volunteer in Glencree’s ‘Serve and Learn Volunteer Programme’ which was supported by the Noble-Tyrell Fund. Glencree also sent a volunteer from Galway, a member of the Travelling Community, to support the work of Mary Akrami at the AWSDC, which was a self-funded initiative.

During meetings with educationalists in Kabul, a new piece of programme work was developed. A need was identified for Peace Education to form part of the core curriculum of third level education. Glencree began working with teachers to develop a Peace Education module, translating the materials into the local language and training teachers to deliver the lessons. This initiative was significant because it not only introduced new educational material that was very relevant to the students everyday lives, but it also introduced new, more interactive and learner centred teaching methods to third level teachers. Glencree provided support to teachers and other educationalists in Kabul who embarked on this long-term learning process.

On a political level, Glencree facilitated a visit by elected representatives in Northern Ireland to Afghanistan following requests from officials in Kabul. The purpose of the visit was to share experience and lessons learnt in Track 1 dialogue, the peacebuilding process, and how to move an electorate from violent conflict to democratic dialogue. MLAs from several political parties took part in this trip.