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September 6, 2021
Where Community, Art, Nature & Interculturalilsm Meet – @Glencree, Sat 11 Sept
6/9/21: in association with The Shaking Bog Festival
August 20, 2021
Glencree Strengthens Senior Management Team
20/8/21: Helen Irish joins team
July 21, 2021
New team members join Women’s Leadership Programme
21/7/21: Amina Moustafa & Holly Taylor
May 19, 2021
Glencree Journal & Launch Webinar
24/3/2021: Dealing with the Legacy of Conflict in N.I. through engagement & dialogue

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September 24, 2021
Peace Walk 2021
September 2, 2021
The Passing of Pat Hume
The passing of Pat Hume
July 21, 2021
The Death of Des O’Malley
21/7/21: A Tribute
May 31, 2021
Students meet Minister Norma Foley
29/4/2021: N/S Post Primary Schools Civic Action Programme
May 31, 2021
Corporate Services Executive
31/5/2021: Glencree is recruiting
May 26, 2021
Africa Day 2021: Entanglements – Africa and Dublin City
14/5/21: Glencree in association with Dublin City Council celebrates #AfricaDay2021
May 26, 2021
Africa Day – Young Artist Competition Winners
28/5/21: #Africa Day: Glencree & Dublin City Council Young Artist Competition Winners
May 20, 2021
Africa Day 2021: Glencree & Dublin City Council Event
14/5/21: Glencree in association with Dublin City Council celebrates #AfricaDay2021
May 19, 2021
Glencree Journal: Dealing with Legacy of Conflict in N.I.
19/5/2021: Is reconciliation for victims & survivors in NI becoming ‘a cover for political institutional failings’ or can it be salvaged? Joseph Robinson examines.

July 15, 2016

Glencree Podcast – Courageous Women: Interviews with community leaders in Northern Ireland

Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation · Glencree Courageous Women
March 18, 2020

ABC Radio Interview with Barbara Walshe

16/6/20: Glencree Chair, Barbara Walshe talks about Glencree’s work and the prospect of Irish unification in an interview with well-known Australian radio host Phillip Adams on ABC Late Night Live.
October 8, 2020

Restorative Justice International: Glencree’s Pat Hynes remembers John Hume’s contributions to peace

November 19, 2020

Restorative Justice International: Interview with Glencree Chair, Barbara Walshe

December 1, 2020

Junior Cycle Talks: RE-flections with Pat Hynes

Junior Cycle Talks · RE-flections with Pat Hynes in Glencree
May 1, 2021

Podcast: Belonging & Identity in the Second Generation

23/5/20: Podcast - Part of our Belonging & Identity project, this podcast talks about diversity, integration and what it is like to be a young Muslim in Ireland during Ramadan and Eid in the time of Covid19.
May 2, 2021

Podcast: The Glencree Dynamic Dialogue Process

11/9/20: Podcast - The power of Glencree's Dynamic Dialogue Process.
May 3, 2021

Podcast: Introduction to Glencree

19/5/20: Podcast - Introducing the history and work of Glencree.