Glencree has worked with a wide range of people to help build peace.  These include politicians, combatants (both state and non-state armed groups and forces), victims and survivors, women, youth educational institutions and religious leaders.  Some successes of our work in the last 40 years include:


Senior DUP politicians and officials agreeing to participate in dialogue workshops with members of the Dail for the first time contributing to DUP becoming part of the peace process and entering government with Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland.

Leaders Network

Development of a network of over 100 leaders involved in peacebuilding work from victims/survivors, former combatants and wider society across the islands of Ireland and Britain.

Personal Healing

An innovative programme of dialogue and storytelling for those affected by the Troubles resulting in improbable relationships being built and which helped many with their personal healing from significant trauma. Learning from this work was sought from across the World.

Women Influence

Increased influence of women from marginalised, disadvantaged and often violent communities in peace building within and beyond their communities.

Youth Training

Over 10,000 young people from schools, youth groups and third level institutions trained and challenged to consider alternative conflict resolution methods. For many lasting cross border links on the island of Ireland have been established.

Relationship Improvement

Improved relationships within and between church denominations within Northern Ireland and across the island helping to address one of the key reasons for division in Northern Ireland.

Place of Respite

During the worst of the violence Glencree offered a place of respite for women and children from Northern Ireland – a valuable contribution in the 1970s.

International Conflicts

Supporting peacebuilding in 10 other conflicts internationally: Glencree has facilitated over 30 visits of groups other conflict areas in the World to learn lessons from the Irish Peace Process. Glencree has also implemented successful peacebuilding programmes within other countries. In Haiti, with Concern, Glencree implemented a successful six year violence reduction programme in slum areas of Port au Prince resulting in safer communities today and helped establish a local peacebuilding organisation that is continuing the work. Glencree has also worked in Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sri Lanka and Colombia working with groups ranging from paramilitaries, police forces, universities, the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and international and local peacebuilding organisations.