John Hume Lecture 2018

The 2018 John Hume lecture, given by Professor Paul Arthur, took place in NUI Maynooth last May 22nd, marking the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Good Friday Agreement.

The lecture celebrates John Hume’s political work and contribution to the peace process.

In attendance were our own Pat Hynes and […]

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IHREC Follow-up Event

On the 18th April we held a seminar in the IHREC entitled, ‘Deepening Understanding of Human Rights and Equality for the Muslim Communities of Ireland’.  This was a very well attended event as was today’s follow-up here at Glencree Centre.  Today, we delved further to continue our exploration and discussion of these very important key […]

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“Deepening Understanding of Human Rights and Equality for the Muslim Communities of Ireland”

Months of meticulous planning and preparation by Nadette Foley and Louise Keating, who spearheaded the Glencree Interfaith Human Rights and Equality Project, with the support of their team colleagues, resulted in an amazing attendance of the event on Wednesday 18th April 2018.

Diverse leaders […]

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Job Vacancy – Glencree Armoury Cafe Supervisor

Glencree Visitors Centre, Glencree, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow is now recruiting for an experienced Coffee Shop Supervisor (Full time-39 hr week). Full job spec below:

If you are interested in applying for this role please forward your CV to

Closing date: April 30th

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Unimplemented Promises of the Good Friday Agreement

“The Good Friday Agreement – Delivering the Promise of a Rights-Based Society – 20 Years On”

“A wake-up call to politicians”

Chair of the Glencree Board, Barbara Walshe and I attended this seminar on 10th April, the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. Hosted by Queen’s University, Human Rights Consortium, Unison, Transitional Justice Institute and Committee […]

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Glencree and The Good Friday Agreement

The 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement passed recently and in this article we look back on the contribution made to the peace process by Glencree. The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation was the location where a number of dialogue sessions took place during the 90s in the run up to the peace deal […]

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Visiting Artist Dr. Christina Henri

Dr Christina Henri is currently visiting Ireland from Hobart, Tasmania. Her work involves highlighting the lives of impoverished women who were deported to Australia and Tasmania from across the island of Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. Many were sent before and after the Famine in Ireland. To signify the women and babies who sometimes died […]

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Interview with Pat Hynes and Rev. Gary Mason for Focal Point (Community TV Station)

Pat Hynes – Legacy team Glencree, with Rev. Gary Mason of Rethinking Conflict, discuss the complexities of peace making and toxic theologies in the video link below:

‘We need to deal with the ghosts of religious sectarianism and nationalistic sectarianism that have dogged this island for centuries, otherwise they come back to bite us’….Gary Mason

‘The journey […]

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Glencree Lecture on “The potential impact on British Irish relations in a post-Brexit environment”

On the 14th December we invited Professor Francis Campbell,  Vice-Chancellor of St. Mary’s University London, to give a lecture on the title above.  You can view the text of his speech using the below link:

Prof. Francis Campbell’s Lecture Dec. ’17

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Job Vacancy (2): Dialogue Facilitators

Glencree is seeking two (2) experienced facilitators to join the team working on the European Union’s Peace IV funded project entitled ‘Addressing the legacy of violence through facilitated dialogue’. Facilitators will be responsible for the effective facilitation of the project’s dialogue residential sessions and roundtable events. The full project spec and tendering process can be found […]

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