The third Glencree Peace Walk will take place on Sunday 22 September to raise much needed funds for the work of the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.  Please join us on this walk starting at 12pm, and/or sponsor one of the walkers by donating or creating your own fundraising page.

Walkers will gather at the Glencree Peace and Reconciliation Centre (where there is ample parking) and will be bussed to and from the start and finish. The walk will be led by an experienced leader.  Afterwards please join us for a BBQ and some live music at the Glencree centre.

The walk consists of an easy five mile (eight kilometre) hike along the Wicklow Way on a wide, well-marked path between Glencullen (Boranaraltry Bridge) and Glencree (Curtlestown Forest car park). Please bring strong walking boots or shoes (not runners) and rainproof clothing.  This walk is not appropriate for children under 7 or dogs.


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To Donate

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If you arrive on the day there is a registration fee of €20 for an individual and €50 for a family (if you have not already donated ahead of time).

Glencree has been working for peace in Northern Ireland and other conflict areas since 1974. It played an important role in the Northern Ireland peace process, bringing the warring sides together for numerous confidential face-to-face meetings between 1994 and 2007.

Today Glencree’s main work covers the following areas:

  • Working with groups and individuals who have been particularly traumatised by the violence of the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’, losing family members and other loved ones. It is estimated that there were around 40,000 violent incidents in the North during the period 1968-1998.
  • Sharing the lessons of the Irish peace process with people in war-torn countries all over the world: from Israel/Palestine to Colombia, Sri Lanka to Liberia, Afghanistan to Haiti. It has brought volunteers from more than 40 countries to Ireland to learn about peace-making.
  • Providing peace education courses to school and university students all over Ireland, teaching them about working to overcome conflict, exploring identities and diversity, and developing leadership skills.
  • Working with women in disadvantaged communities on both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland so that their voices can become a powerful weapon to help combat the culture of silence and fear that is so prevalent in that society.
  • Promoting the integration into Irish society of refugees and other vulnerable migrants through a programme of inter-cultural dialogue that values their largely unheard voices and combats racism and xenophobia.
  • Working with young Muslims and Muslim women in Ireland and Europe, many of whom have been largely ignored by their host societies, to provide them with opportunities to give purpose to their lives by actively contributing to those societies.
  • Finalising plans for an ambitious expansion of the beautiful Glencree site, to include refurbished accommodation alongside the popular Armoury café, a peace and remembrance garden, and a greatly expanded interactive visitor centre and exhibition/conference space.

Glencree funds its activities from an Irish government grant, the EU Peace Programme, charitable trusts and donations from the public. At a time of a stalled peace process in Northern Ireland, increased instability in these islands caused by Brexit, and extreme nationalism around the world, public support for Glencee’s vital peace-building work has never been more needed.