“Creating safe learning spaces… valuing people and communities.”

For ten years Glencree offered learning opportunities about Peacebuilding and Reconciliation to primary, secondary schools and youth groups.

Through a series of one-day or two-day programmes, young people visiting Glencree explored their understanding of themselves, others, and their relationship to communities at local, national and global levels.

Workshop activities connected to the Education Curriculum at levels appropriate to the age and subject range of each group.

Glencree offered five specific programmes tailored to the needs of the education curricula. However, we also designed and deliver specific modules based on individual group needs when required.

Resource Packs

Worlds Apart? – A comprehensive set of resource activities exploring elements of peacebuilding and reconciliation at personal, local, national and global levels. This also includes conflict related resources and action project ideas.

Click here to download the Worlds Apart? resource Pack.  (pdf file, 1.24MB)

Northern Ireland – A Place Apart? – An informative and insightful resource developed by the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and 80:20 which explores conflict, peace and reconciliation within and between these islands.

This programme concluded in March 2008.

The final evaluation report can be downloaded here: Peace Education Evaluation July 2008.


Primary Schools – 6th Class Transitions

A half-day or one-day programme exploring the social and identity issues young people may face as they begin their transition from primary to secondary level schools. This programme aimed to enable young people to deal with this transition and to promote peaceful leadership and team approaches to problem-solving.

Junior Cycle – Civic, Social & Political Education

A one-day programme exploring a core concept of CSPE at personal and local levels


A two-day programme exploring a core concept of CSPE at personal, local, national and global levels.

Schools chose one of the following concepts to be covered within their programme:

Concept 1 – Democracy

Concept 3 – Human Dignity

Concept 4 – Interdependence

Transition Year

A one-day or two-day skills-based learning programme for Transition Year groups, on either of the following chosen topics.

Topic 1 – Communication Skills

Topic 2 – Group-work / Leadership Skills

Topic 3 – Conflict Resolution Skills

Senior Cycle – Religious Education

A one-day or two-day programme for Senior Cycle Religious Education groups on either of the following chosen topics:

Section D – Morality in Action

Section F – A Living Faith; Doing Justice

Section H – Story

Schools’ Leadership Programme

A one-day or two-day programme exploring themes of leadership, conflict resolution, effective communication and teambuilding for prefect / monitor teams. This programme brought a leadership team through a process of team-building and developing practical conflict resolution skills in order to enhance peer leadership within schools.