Refugee and Cultural Diversity Programme

This programme seeks to build on Glencree’s experience in providing opportunities for people from divided communities to listen to the experience of ‘the other’, reduce prejudice, and develop constructive connection and collaboration.

The programme seeks to promote the integration of refugees and migrants through intercultural dialogue. It aims to

  1. Increase mutual understanding between host communities and migrants.
  2. Promote the integration into Irish society of socially excluded and vulnerable migrants.
  3. Combat racism and xenophobia, including Islamophobia.

International Women’s Day 2017 at Glencree

To mark International Women’s Day, Glencree Centre and AkiDwA (national network of migrant women living in Ireland) hosted an event in Glencree on Thursday 16th of March 2017.

Groups working with migrant women met to share experiences of the challenges facing migrant women in integrating into Irish society and explore the potential for collaboration.

The event was part of Glencree’s Refugee and Cultural Diversity Programme which seeks to engage refugees and host communities in dialogues which enhance mutual understanding and promote integration.

Dialogue between Muslim and non-Muslim women on the issue of wearing the hijab. Drawing inspiration from the work of artist Laragh Pitman with women from SCR Mosque, this conversation was open to the public as part of the Five Lamps Festival at Marino College of Further Education.
Meeting with Amal Women’s Group at SCR Mosque Wednesday 25th of March.
Glencree in collaboration with Young Mothers Network organised a day out to Newgrange Farm Co. Meath.