The Glencree Women’s Programme

“Women’s leadership in peace can no longer be ignored; on the contrary, it should be recognised as one of the most valuable resources for peace.”

“The thinking that gives rise to armed conflict has its roots in the unequal power relationship between men and women. There is a continuum of violence, from domestic violence to violence in the political and economic spheres, which must be systematically challenged.”

(From the Preamble of the Women’s Global Action for a Culture of Peace, prepared by women peace leaders for 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace conference)There is a lack of women in positions of leadership, particularly in politics and business, in Ireland, North and South. Numerous surveys, studies and research papers detail the inequality between men and women in Ireland North and South and worldwide. The existence of the ‘glass ceiling’ for working woman has been well researched, documented and debated in Europe and the US.

Facilitating the Role of Women as Community Leaders

The Glencree Women’s Programme enhances understanding among women of the complex relationships in Ireland, north and south, and facilitates the future developments of equality, pluralism and multi-culturalism. The Programme redresses the imbalance of opportunities for women and enables women to play a positive role in the life of their communities.

The Women’s Programme enhances understanding among women towards a strong and peaceful civil society on the island of Ireland. The Programme is an all-island initiative of capacity building for women and includes community groups, women from a variety of religions and traditions, as well as women from Ireland North and South, and not only from the border region.

Glencree uses facilitation techniques that have been developed over the past 30 years of peacebuilding and reconciliation work in Ireland. The skills and knowledge are very relevant to dealing with modern demographic changes, as well as old-fashioned prejudices, and the single-minded views that often grow from isolation.

The Difference we make

Many women have taken part in the Women’s Programme and assumed a greater engagement in addressing the challenges their communities face. Glencree has facilitated these women to overcome difference and bring those from differing backgrounds together who would have otherwise been excluded. Glencree has a clear understanding of what needs to be done to ensure women are able to play a greater role as peace leaders.

Courageous Women

Please listen to the Courageous Women podcast featuring interviews with community leaders in Northern Ireland who have found mutual respect through deep dialogue and critical thinking here at Glencree. Participants discuss current issues stemming from the legacy of the conflict and what needs to change to create a more peaceful society. The podcast was produced by Shirley Graham and edited by Matt Bonner.

Courageous Women Podcast