The 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement passed recently and in this article we look back on the contribution made to the peace process by Glencree. The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation was the location where a number of dialogue sessions took place during the 90s in the run up to the peace deal which was agreed in 1998. The Journal spoke to Glencree mediator and dialogue facilitator Geoffrey Corry about his role in bringing together politicians, advisers and officials from both sides of the divide. Below is an excerpt and a link to the full article on

“It was all about building trust and understanding between the various players. Northern unionists and nationalists, southern politicians, and politicians and officials from Britain and the US embassy all, variously, attended those weekend workshops at Glencree.

Spending several days in close quarters in the Wicklow hills helped forge, at first, an understanding, and later a degree of trust between the various groups as they participated in dialogue sessions.”