On the 18th April we held a seminar in the IHREC entitled, ‘Deepening Understanding of Human Rights and Equality for the Muslim Communities of Ireland’.  This was a very well attended event as was today’s follow-up here at Glencree Centre.  Today, we delved further to continue our exploration and discussion of these very important key issues. Leaders of Muslim communities in the Dublin region met with representatives of the Departments of Justice and Equality, Education and Skills and other professionals associated with education and media.

The day of dialogue was facilitated by Michael Donnelly from Northern Ireland and Dr James Carr presented to the group on his important research. Topics included Islamophobia/racism, political representation, women and employment to mention a few, which evoked lively discussion. Participants raised challenges and proposed follow up actions.  Glencree will continue to work with relevant groups and organisation in the hope of furthering this work.