During their visit to the Glencree Centre to take part in the inter-faith day on 5th December 2016, Colin and Wendy Parry took time out to visit the tree they had planted twenty years earlier in honour of their son, Tim. They were delighted as much as ourselves that the tree had survived all those years despite the weather and the many building works that have gone on within the square. The tree had originally been planted down near the Canada Room on 13th January 1996 during their first visit to the Centre but was moved subsequently up in front of the Barracks Building on the right hand side.

Tim Parry (12) and Jonathon Ball (3) died in Warrington, near Liverpool in England, when an IRA bomb exploded in a litter bin on Bridge Street in 1993. Another 54 people were injured. It came at a time when hopes were rising of an end to the conflict through the talks between John Hume (SDLP) and Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein). When the news of the bomb reached Dublin, it outraged Susan McHugh, a mother and housewife, and she led hundreds of ordinary people out on the streets of Dublin to protest against the violence. Their public anger kept up the pressure on politicians and the militants to find a way out of the violence. The IRA ceasefire eventually came in August 1994 just two weeks after the Glencree Centre was re-opened, ready to support a new phase of peace work.

Written by Geoffrey Corry