Dr Christina Henri is currently visiting Ireland from Hobart, Tasmania. Her work involves highlighting the lives of impoverished women who were deported to Australia and Tasmania from across the island of Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. Many were sent before and after the Famine in Ireland. To signify the women and babies who sometimes died either on the passage to Australia or in the prisons where they were incarcerated, Christina has created huge installations using ‘bonnets’. These have been placed in public spaces, museums and art galleries to raise awareness of the invisibility of these women. Many were treated very badly and more went on to contribute to the economic, social and cultural life of Australia and Tasmania.

Christina met recently with CEO Naoimh Mc Namee and Chair of the Glencree Board, Barbara Walshe to discuss the connections between the boys who lived and worked at St Kevin’s Reformatory in Glencree for almost ninety years and Christina’s work with women. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge their lives and their contribution to the social and economic life, of not just Ireland, but the global world. If you are interested in working with us at Glencree in acknowledging the lives of the boys and young men at St Kevin’s Reformatory, please contact val.kiernan@glencree.ie