Why should you care?

Global unrest, ‘attack and defend’ politics and greater polarisation on the world stage. The profound disturbance of Brexit, the legacy of past conflict and talk of a united Ireland on the island of Ireland. Changing demographics, racism and marginalisation within our communities.

Our role in developing solutions to conflict is as important now as ever. Our work over five decades has only been possible through the generosity and goodwill of the many individuals, organisations, philanthropic and government bodies that give us their support.

"Never more than today have our challenges been of such a global and momentous nature, and never more than today have the challenges and, frankly, the threats the world faces, called out for us to recognise our collective responsibilities, including those of intergenerational justice."

President of Ireland and Patron of Glencree, Michael D. Higgins, addressing the UN General Assembly, September 2019

What can you do?

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